Get account data programatically from id-manager

I recently started using id-manager. It is a nice little package that can store your passwords, encrypting them with GPG. My original reason was to store my GitHub access token for github-notifier, but it soon turned out, it’s not that easy.

id-manager is a nice package when it comes to storing your password and retrieving them for your own eyes. But it cannot retrieve account data programatically. Taking a look into its source code, I came up with this solution:

(defun gpolonkai/idm-record-get-field (record field)
  "Get FIELD of an id-manager RECORD."
  (let ((funcname (intern (concat "idm-record-" (symbol-name field)))))
    (when (fboundp funcname)
      (funcall funcname record))))

(defun gpolonkai/idm-get-field-for-account (account field)
  "Get id-manager password for ACCOUNT."
  (let ((db (idm-load-db))
        (lookup-record nil))
    (dolist (record (funcall db 'get-all-records) password)
      (when (string= account (idm-record-name record))
        (setq lookup-record (gpolonkai/idm-record-get-field record field))))

(defmacro gpolonkai/idm-get-password-for-account (account)
  `(gpolonkai/idm-get-field-for-account ,account 'password))

(defmacro gpolonkai/idm-get-id-for-account (account)
  `(gpolonkai/idm-get-field-for-account ,account 'account-id))

I currently need only the account ID (ie. the username) and the password, but it’s pretty easy to add a macro to get the memo or update-time fields, too.

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