• Changing the session cookie’s name in Symfony 2

    Gergely Polonkai
    Oct 13, 2012 :: 12:49

    I have a development server, on which I have several Symfony 2.x projects under the same hostname in different directories. Now I’m facing a funny problem which is caused by that the cookies Symfony places for each of my projects have the same name.

  • Upgrades requiring a reboot on Linux? At last!

    Gergely Polonkai
    Jun 22, 2012 :: 20:04

    I’ve recently received an article on Google+ about Fedora’s new idea: package upgrades that require a reboot. The article said that Linux guys have lost their primary adoo: “Haha! I don’t have to reboot my system to install system upgrades!” My answer was always this: “Well, actually you should…”

  • Wordpress madness

    Gergely Polonkai
    Jun 14, 2012 :: 06:40

    I’m a bit fed up that I had to install MySQL on my server to have Wordpress working, so I’ve Googled a bit to find a solution for my pain. I found this. I don’t know when this post was written, but I think it’s a bit out of date. I mean come on, PDO is the part of PHP for ages now, and they say adding a DBAL to the dependencies would be a project as large as (or larger than) WP itself. Well, yes, but PHP is already a dependency, isn’t it? Remove it guys, it’s too large!

  • Fast world, fast updates

    Gergely Polonkai
    Mar 27, 2012 :: 06:18

    We live in a fast world, that’s for sure. When I first heard about Ubuntu Linux and their goals, I was happy: they gave a Debian to everyone, but in different clothes. It had fresh software in it, and even they gave support of a kind. It was easy to install and use, even if one had no Linux experience before. So people liked it. I’ve even installed it on some of my servers because of the new package versions that came more often. Thus I got an up to date system. However, it had a price. After a while, security updates came more and more often, and when I had a new critical update every two or three days, I’ve decided to move back to Debian. Fortunately I did this at the time of a new release, so I didn’t really loose any features.