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Add SysAdmin day to Emacs Calendar
Gergely Polonkai
Oct 2, 2017 :: 09:37

I’m a SysAdmin since 1998. Maybe a bit earlier, if you count managing our home computer. This means SysAdmin Day is also celebrating me. However, my Emacs Calendar doesn’t show it for some reason.

Add Python docstring to the beginning of anything in Emacs
Gergely Polonkai
Nov 30, 2016 :: 07:52

Now that I write Python code for a living, I write a lot of functions, classes, and modules. What I still tend to forget, and also find tedious, is adding docstrings. Unlike many developers, writing documentation is not an enemy of mine, but it usually comes to my mind when I finish implementation. The procedure, roughly, is this:

Get account data programatically from id-manager
Gergely Polonkai
Nov 18, 2016 :: 12:43

I recently started using id-manager. It is a nice little package that can store your passwords, encrypting them with GPG. My original reason was to store my GitHub access token for github-notifier, but it soon turned out, it’s not that easy.

Edit file as another user in Emacs
Gergely Polonkai
Nov 10, 2016 :: 08:57

I have recently found this article by Bozhidar Batsov on opening the current file as root. I barely use tramp for sudo access, but when I do, I almost never use root as the target user. So I decided to fix it for my needs.

How I started with Emacs
Nov 3, 2016 :: 09:58

Sacha Chua has a nice Emacs chat intro article back from 2013. I write this post half because she asks there about my (OK, anyone’s) first Emacs moments, and half because I plan to do it for months now.

Emacs: Implement a GObject’s virtual function
Gergely Polonkai
Jan 13, 2016 :: 13:31

I have recently started creating a GLib implementation of the Matrix.org API. For that, I have created a GObject interface, MatrixAPI, which has as many virtual functions as API calls (which is a lot, and expanding). This way I ended up with the following scenario.

Rounding numbers to N decimals in Emacs
Gergely Polonkai
Oct 7, 2014 :: 10:28

I have recently faced a problem, where I had a bunch of SVG files with a large amount of fraction numbers in the path definitions. These images were displayed in small size, so this amount of precision was irrelevant, and these numbers took almost half of my SVG images’ size. So I created an Elisp defun to round these numbers to 2 decimals:

Gergely Polonkai
Sep 17, 2014 :: 12:45

I was a Vi/ViM user for years. For several reasons I had to change to Emacs now and then. And then, I found this. I surrender. Emacs is just better. (And it’s working even in plain text mode without graphics)

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