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git-merge stages
Gergely Polonkai
Oct 4, 2016 :: 12:46

This was a mail to my company’s internal Git mailing list, after I realised many colleagues can’t wrap their heads around merge conflicts.

Using Git bisect to find the first good commit
Gergely Polonkai
Feb 26, 2015 :: 10:42

Few months ago we “implemented” a bug in our software, which was released to the customers. We continued development for two weeks when the first customer ticket arrived about the bug. We successfully reproduced it with the customer’s version, but not with the development sources; it turned out that one of the developers unconsciously fixed the bug. The devs spent some hours finding where the fix lied before coming to me like “There is git-bisect which we can use to find the commit where we messed up things. Is there a way to find where we fixed it?”

List Git branches and their remote tracking branches side by side
Gergely Polonkai
Jul 18, 2014 :: 21:46

I had a hard time following my own branches in a project. They got pretty numerous, and I wasn’t sure if I pushed them to origin at all. git branch -a can list all the branches, including remote ones, but, as my list grew too big, it was impossible to follow it any more.

git rm --cached madness
Gergely Polonkai
Jan 14, 2013 :: 21:38

I have recently learned about git rm --cached. It’s a very good tool, as it removes a file from tracking, without removing your local copy of it. However, be warned that if you use git pull in another working copy, the file will be removed from there! If you accidentally put the configuration of a production project, and remove it on your dev machine, it can cause a lot of trouble ;)

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