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Symfony 2 Configuration – Array of associative arrays
Gergely Polonkai
Dec 20, 2012 :: 12:03

Few days ago I have struggled with a problem using Symfony2 configuration. I wanted to add the following kind of configuration to config.yml:

SmsGateway and SmsSender
Gergely Polonkai
Oct 7, 2012 :: 00:10

I have just uploaded my SmsGateway, SmsSender and SmsSenderBundle packages to GitHub and Packagist. I hope some of you will find it useful.

Symfony 2 – Create role- and class-based ACLs with your roles coming from the ORM
Gergely Polonkai
Sep 16, 2012 :: 18:39

During the last weeks I had some serious issues with one of my private Symfony 2 projects. One of my goals was to create a dynamic security system, e.g my administrators wanted to create roles, and grant these roles access to different object types (classes) and/or objects.

PHP 5.4 released
Gergely Polonkai
Mar 20, 2012 :: 13:31

After a long time of waiting, PHP announced 5.4 release on 1 March (also, today they announced that they finally migrate to Git, which is sweet from my point of view, but it doesn’t really matter).

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