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From Symfony to Django in two days
Gergely Polonkai
Sep 24, 2013 :: 14:05

I was a Python hater for a long time, although I can’t really tell why. It didn’t fit in my mind, maybe. I was programming in BASIC, Pascal (none of these would come to my mind, though), C, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, and different shell “languages” like awk, sed or bash.

Renaming a Symfony 2 bundle
Gergely Polonkai
Apr 9, 2013 :: 22:29

Today I’ve realised that the name I gave to one of my Symfony 2 bundles should be something else. To rename a bundle, one must do four things (at least).

Why I stopped using annotation based routing in Symfony today
Gergely Polonkai
Feb 27, 2013 :: 23:10

I have read several opinions about routing configuration in Symfony. I stayed with annotation based routing as it was convinient for me to see the URL right above the controller action. This was because by just checking the URL, I remembered the controlling code, as they always were fresh ones. Well, until today.

JMS\DiExtraBundle’s GrepPatternFinder – grep exits with status code 2 on Fedora 18
Gergely Polonkai
Jan 17, 2013 :: 00:32

Yesterday I’ve upgraded my development machines from Fedora 17 to Fedora

  1. Although it went well, my Symfony projects stopped working with a message like this:
Symfony 2 Configuration – Array of associative arrays
Gergely Polonkai
Dec 20, 2012 :: 12:03

Few days ago I have struggled with a problem using Symfony2 configuration. I wanted to add the following kind of configuration to config.yml:

Changing the session cookie’s name in Symfony 2
Gergely Polonkai
Oct 13, 2012 :: 12:49

I have a development server, on which I have several Symfony 2.x projects under the same hostname in different directories. Now I’m facing a funny problem which is caused by that the cookies Symfony places for each of my projects have the same name.

SmsGateway and SmsSender
Gergely Polonkai
Oct 7, 2012 :: 00:10

I have just uploaded my SmsGateway, SmsSender and SmsSenderBundle packages to GitHub and Packagist. I hope some of you will find it useful.

Symfony 2 – Create role- and class-based ACLs with your roles coming from the ORM
Gergely Polonkai
Sep 16, 2012 :: 18:39

During the last weeks I had some serious issues with one of my private Symfony 2 projects. One of my goals was to create a dynamic security system, e.g my administrators wanted to create roles, and grant these roles access to different object types (classes) and/or objects.

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“I believe one can only achieve success if they follow their own instincts and listen to, but not bend under others’ opinions. If you change your course just because someone says so, you are following their instincts, not yours.”