Gergely Polonkai
developer, systems engineer and administrator

Blog posts

  • Add Python docstring to the beginning of anything in Emacs

    Gergely Polonkai
    Nov 30, 2016 :: 08:52

    Now that I write Python code for a living, I write a lot of functions, classes, and modules. What I still tend to forget, and also find tedious, is adding docstrings. Unlike many developers, writing documentation is not an enemy of mine, but it usually comes to my mind when I finish implementation. The procedure, roughly, is this:

  • How I started with Emacs

    Nov 3, 2016 :: 10:58

    Sacha Chua has a nice Emacs chat intro article back from 2013. I write this post half because she asks there about my (OK, anyone’s) first Emacs moments, and half because I plan to do it for months now.

  • git-merge stages

    Gergely Polonkai
    Oct 4, 2016 :: 14:46

    This was a mail to my company’s internal Git mailing list, after I realised many colleagues can’t wrap their heads around merge conflicts.

Gergely Polonkai is a systems engineer of a telco company, and also a freelancer self- and software developer.

He is learning about different IT subjects since the late 1990s. These include web development, application building, systems engineering, IT security and many others. He also dug his nose deeply into free software, dealing with different types of Linux and its applications, while also writing and contributing to some open source projects.

On this site he is writing posts about different stuff he faces during work (oh my, yet another IT solutions blog), hoping they can help others with their job, or just to get along with their brand new netbook that shipped with Linux.

“I believe one can only achieve success if they follow their own instincts and listen to, but not bend under others’ opinions. If you change your course just because someone says so, you are following their instincts, not yours.”