• NyanMacs

    Gergely Polonkai
    Sep 17, 2014 :: 12:45

    I was a Vi/ViM user for years. For several reasons I had to change to Emacs now and then. And then, I found this. I surrender. Emacs is just better. (And it’s working even in plain text mode without graphics)

  • List Git branches and their remote tracking branches side by side

    Gergely Polonkai
    Jul 18, 2014 :: 21:46

    I had a hard time following my own branches in a project. They got pretty numerous, and I wasn’t sure if I pushed them to origin at all. git branch -a can list all the branches, including remote ones, but, as my list grew too big, it was impossible to follow it any more.

  • First impressions of Windows 8

    Gergely Polonkai
    Nov 5, 2013 :: 08:14

    Many of you may know my commitment to Linux and Open Source Software. But this doesn’t mean I hate proprietary software like many others do. I think everything has its own place in the world, and this goes for software as well.

  • From Symfony to Django in two days

    Gergely Polonkai
    Sep 24, 2013 :: 14:05

    I was a Python hater for a long time, although I can’t really tell why. It didn’t fit in my mind, maybe. I was programming in BASIC, Pascal (none of these would come to my mind, though), C, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, and different shell “languages” like awk, sed or bash.

  • SWE-GLib final release

    Gergely Polonkai
    Sep 16, 2013 :: 21:37

    Few of you may know that I’m interested in astrology. About two months ago I have decided to create an astrologers’ software for the GNOME desktop. Since then, I have contacted Jean-André Santoni, who created a software called Astrognome some years ago. We exchanged some e-mails, and after several weeks of coding, I’m proud to present SWE-GLib 1.0.1. This is “just” a library which wraps around Swiss Ephemeris, creating a nice GLib-ish interface around it. See the project page and the built-in GTK-Doc document for more information.

  • Renaming a Symfony 2 bundle

    Gergely Polonkai
    Apr 9, 2013 :: 22:29

    Today I’ve realised that the name I gave to one of my Symfony 2 bundles should be something else. To rename a bundle, one must do four things (at least).

  • Dvorak and me

    Gergely Polonkai
    Mar 13, 2013 :: 21:20

    A few months ago I have decided to switch to the Dvorak layout. After using QWERTY (well, QWERTZ, to be precise) for almost 17 years, it was a hard decision, but now I think it worthed the try. I started with the UK (Dvorak with UK punctuation) layout, and in about four weeks, I’ve almost reached my original typing speed. Today I have modified the Hungarian xkb definitions file to add the Hungarian accended letters like ű to the layout, so I don’t have to use dead keys anymore (which apparently turned out to be a problem, as the Linux version of Java doesn’t support dead keys at all).

  • Haversine in MySQL

    Gergely Polonkai
    Mar 5, 2013 :: 12:49

    Just insert it in your database, feed them two Google coordinates, and you get the distance in kilometres. If you happen to need it in miles, change the constant 12756.200 in the RETURN row to 7922.6 instead.