Gergely Polonkai

Father. Coder. Maker. Linuxer. Child forever.

  1. Protecting light

    “Can you see that red mist?”

    “Yes I can. It looks like it’s closing in.” Gardan answered.

    “It does. When it gets here, close your eyes and seal yourself.”

    The mist slowly engulfed them. The girl closed her eyes and channeled all her energies to seal herself from the …

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  2. Inverse of sort

    I’m using *NIX systems for about 14 years now, but it can still show me new things. Today I had to generate a bunch of random names. I’ve create a small perl script which generates permutations of some usual Hungarian first and last names, occasionally prefixing it with …

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  3. Ethical Hacking 2012

    Today I went to the Ethical Hacking conference with my boss. It was my first appearance at such conferences, but I hope there will be more. Although we just started to redesign our IT security infrastructure with a 90% clear goal, it was nice to hear that everything is vulnerable …

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