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  1. A new home

    This is an excerpt from a novel of mine. The tree is the prophet of the highest god in that universe and thus can see everything that was or will ever be. It is said that whoever sleeps among its roots or branches will see colourful dreams about these stories …

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  2. Coincidents

    They were both without someone for a while now without any intention, spoken or not, to find a new one. They sat next to each other on the train and listened to music. They both peeked to each other’s screen to check what the other one is listening to …

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  3. Trust

    The girl was small both in height and stature. Her blonde hair was mostly covered by a cute hat. She stared outside the bus window with dreamy blue-grey eyes.

    The guy, also thin, was so tall that he hit his head in the holding bars, usually out of reach for …

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  4. Animal spirit

    They surprised her; four men, overpowering her for sure. It rarely happened to her, but she was prepared. The men were smiling in lusciousness; they were circling around her for a while, but this was enough for her to ask help from the Spirit world. She closed her eyes, humming …

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  5. Samillinor’s Pride

    It was time again. Day after day it was the same, and Samillinor was more and more upset about it. Since the temple was built her daily routine was the same: wake up with the Light, prepare the ritual, make the ritual, fail the ritual, eat something which she felt …

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  6. Little Emma

    As of date, little Emma hasn’t eaten for weeks. The whole family feared for her as only those tubes entangling her body kept her alive. Still, her eyes seemed happy, though she was dizzy and sometimes saw little globes of light. She was awake for hours, much longer than …

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  7. First travel together

    In the middle of the panel jungle, on the rooftop of a house a man who called himself Megron was talking to his apprentices when the wind began to blow. Everyone looked him up in awe that when he was talking about the spiritual power of the air, the wind …

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  8. The Encounter

    Mendari stood on the top of a worn-out, old panel house. He looked down on the masses on the street. “Your life depends on the fact that I have not chosen to end it yet. As soon as my brother is gone, no one will be left to save you …

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  9. Destructive Creation

    They stood on the top of a hill, looking sadly at the town and the forest slowly devoured by it. They really tried everything. They asked the workers, even the higher management to stop this, or it won’t end well. They told that the forest will get fed up …

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