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  1. Moving to Pelican

    I spent the last few days with moving this site from Jekyll to Pelican.

    Story time!

    It wasn’t just a plain conversion, though. I also added a lot of my old stories, previously published on Medium (i will delete that account within a few days, so it doesn’t …

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  2. Recurring events are hard

    It was almost a month ago when I announced the development of Since then I’m over some interesting and some less interesting stuff; (web) development, after all, is just a recurrence of patterns. Speaking of recurrence, I arrived to a really interesting topic: recurring events.

    My initial …

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  3. Please welcome

    I started looking at decentralised/federated tools some years ago, but other than Matrix I didn’t use any of them until recently. Then this February I joined the Fediverse (federated universe) by spinning up my own Mastodon instance. I’m not going to lie, this place is pure awesome …

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