Why I stopped using annotation based routing in Symfony today

I have read several opinions about routing configuration in Symfony. I stayed with annotation based routing as it was convinient for me to see the URL right above the controller action. This was because by just checking the URL, I remembered the controlling code, as they always were fresh ones. Well, until today.

I had to take a look into an old (Sf 2.0, last commit was about 3 months ago) project of mine. In the same run I’ve upgraded the whole project to 2.2 (it was a fast one, thanks for JMikola@GitHub for the quick reply on my issue with JmikolaJsAssetsHelperBundle again!). After that I went on to the requested change. Now, finding a route in about 40 controller files spread between 3 bundles can really be a pain! So I’ve finished with annotation based routing. It’s still a nice feature, it’s simply not for me.

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