From Symfony to Django in two days

I was a Python hater for a long time, although I can’t really tell why. It didn’t fit in my mind, maybe. I was programming in BASIC, Pascal (none of these would come to my mind now, though), C, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, and different shell “languages” like awk, sed or bash.

After I could not fit my next Symfony app on my cloud server (it is pretty low on storage), I have decided to move slowly to Django. My first task was simple: transition my web page (this one) from PHP + Symfony 2 to Python + Django. The results: the “static” pages are already working, the blog listing is almost ready (some styling issues are still around), only tagging remains. And this is after about 6 hours of work. Oh, and the admin site is included with Django, so I don’t have to port that. I have also decided to finally integrate a comment feature in the Django version.

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