Little Emma

As of date, little Emma hasn’t eaten for weeks. The whole family feared for her as only those tubes entangling her body kept her alive. Still, her eyes seemed happy, though she was dizzy and sometimes saw little globes of light. She was awake for hours, much longer than she used to be in the last few weeks. Her parents sat next to her for minutes, caressing her, just to leave the room moments later to burst in tears. They all knew what was yet to come. She closed her eyes in her mother’s caring arms while her dad hugged both of them tight.

Even from behind the tears they saw when that something appeared in the middle of the room. A thin but beautiful woman; her clothes, as if they were made of millions of ribbons, waved in the air at each of her steps. She was beautiful and scary as she approached the bed, covering the vibrating light of the ceiling neon lamps.

The little girl looked up and smiled. Then, as if she knew this tall woman long ago, she got up from the bed and hugged her. The woman took her hand, but before they left she said “thank you for taking care of her. You were very good parents, showing everyone you can raise a child even if she’s this fragile. You loved her and raised her as a bonding family even if you knew I will come for her soon. It couldn’t happen any other way. Please, never forget this little Soul as you gave so much to her. Still, know that where we are headed now, she won’t have any similar problems. She will return anew when the time comes. You succeeded on the first trial, but what comes next will be much harder. Let her go so she can take this journey.”

Then she turned away. Spreading her huge, purple, angel-wings they left through a gate, to the place from where there is no return.

Based on a true story.

Little Emma was family to me and died at the age of six, with chronic eating disorder the doctors barely understand. She had six heart attacks before she turned two. Her parents were with her until the last moment. Unfortunately, they failed their second trial and ended up divorcing. I wrote this back in 2012, after her burial, knowing the purple winged Angel of Death took her to that place she promised. Blessed be, tiny Soul.

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