Slugify in Python 3

Today I needed a function to create a slug (an ASCII-only representation of a string). I went Googling a bit, and found an excellend Flask snippet. Problem is, it is designed for Python 2, so I came up with a Python 3 version.

import re
from unicodedata import normalize

_punctuation_re = re.compile(r'[\t !"#$%&\'()*\-/<=>?@\[\\\]^_`{|},.]+')

def slugify(text, delim='-'):
    Generate an ASCII-only slug.

    result = []
    for word in _punctuation_re.split(text.lower()):
        word = normalize('NFKD', word) \
               .encode('ascii', 'ignore') \

        if word:

    return delim.join(result)

As I don’t really like the transliteration done in the first example (e.g. converting ü to ue), I went with the second example.

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