Dvorak and me

A few months ago I have decided to switch to the Dvorak layout. After using QWERTY (well, QWERTZ, to be precise) for almost 17 years, it was a hard decision, but now I think it worthed the try. I started with the UK (Dvorak with UK punctuation) layout, and in about four weeks, I’ve almost reached my original typing speed. Today I have modified the Hungarian xkb definitions file to add the Hungarian accended letters like ű to the layout, so I don’t have to use dead keys anymore (which apparently turned out to be a problem, as the Linux version of Java doesn’t support dead keys at all).

Best thing is, as I never learned proper 10-finger typing, but learned Dvorak that way, I can switch between QWERTY and Dvorak more or less painlessly (about 10 minutes of confusion, so to say).

Conclusion: I don’t know yet if this was actually a good decision, but it wasn’t bad, after all. But seeing people’s faces when they try to type on my machine totally worths it.

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