Renaming a Symfony 2 bundle

Today I’ve realised that the name I gave to one of my Symfony 2 bundles should be something else. To rename a bundle, one must do four things (at least).

  1. Change the namespace from Vendor\OldBundle to Vendor\NewBundle in every PHP class (sounds like pain? It is…)
  2. Change the name of files and classes. Some files under src/Vendor/OldBundle (and the classes in them) contain the name of the bundle, like OldBundle/DependencyInjection/VendorOldBundleExtension.php and OldBundle/VendorOldBundle.php. You should rename them, or Symfony won’t find the classes defined in them! When done, rename the whole bundle directory either.
  3. Change the configuration files accordingly, including AppKernel.php. These config files are usually routing.yml, services.yml, and in some cases, config.yml.
  4. Change the references in other parts of your code. A grep -r OldBundle . will usually help…

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