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  1. Vala interface madness

    Although I have just started making it in C, I decided to move my Matrix GLib SDK to Vala. First to learn a new language, and second because it is much easier to write GObject based stuff with it.

    For the first step I created a .vapi file from my …

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  2. SWE-GLib final release

    Few of you may know that I’m interested in astrology. About two months ago I have decided to create an astrologers’ software for the GNOME desktop. Since then, I have contacted Jean-André Santoni, who created a software called Astrognome some years ago. We exchanged some e-mails, and after several …

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  3. Renaming a Symfony 2 bundle

    Today I’ve realised that the name I gave to one of my Symfony 2 bundles should be something else. To rename a bundle, one must do four things (at least).

    1. Change the namespace from Vendor\OldBundle to Vendor\NewBundle in every PHP class (sounds like pain? It is…)
    2. Change …
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  4. Haversine in MySQL

    Just insert it in your database, feed them two Google coordinates, and you get the distance in kilometres. If you happen to need it in miles, change the constant 12756.200 in the RETURN row to 7922.6 instead.

    CREATE FUNCTION `haversine` (lng1 FLOAT, lat1 FLOAT, lng2 FLOAT, lat2 …
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